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Performing Windows 10/11 Post-installation Tasks

by Glenn Weadock

After you install Windows, there’s configuration work to do: activate Windows, deploy applications, connect printers, customize the desktop, and perhaps even set up virtual machines. This course prepares you to perform these post-installation tasks.

What you'll learn

A successful installation of Windows client does not produce a functional computer system; it just sets the stage for administrators to begin tailoring the operating system for practical use. In this course, Performing Windows 10/11 Post-installation Tasks, you'll gain the ability to get the operating system ready for users to sign in and work with the desktop and key applications. First, you'll learn to activate Windows, deploy applications, and configure the Edge browser. Next, you'll see how to prepare mobile devices with a primer on MDM and tips for GUI and power settings. Then, you'll discover how to set up printers and other devices to work with Windows. Next, you'll explore how to configure Windows, including personalization, start screen and taskbar setup, accessibility options, and search functionality, and learn the basics of PowerShell for automating configuration tasks. Finally, you'll see how to set up Hyper-V on the Windows client and create virtual machines and virtual networks. When you are finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to implement Windows 10 and 11 successfully after deployment so that you can then manage devices, data, connectivity, storage, and ongoing maintenance as explained in later courses. This course aligns with the learning objectives for the new MD-100 exam to obtain certification as a Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

About the author

Glenn E. Weadock (MDAA, MCAAA, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCITP, A+, Security+) is the president of Independent Software Inc., which he founded in 1982 after graduating from Stanford University's engineering school. ISI provides expert witness, consulting, and training services in the IT field with a focus on operating systems and networking technologies. Glenn is the author of 18 commercial books on topics such as Windows clients and servers, Microsoft certification, website design, troubleshooting, and ... more

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