Introduction to Universal Windows Platform Development with XAML

Learn how to develop for Windows 10 using XAML and C#, and take advantage of the Windows Store, which is common among all devices: phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Xbox, and even HoloLens!

What you'll learn

With an expected one-billion devices running the OS in a few years, Windows 10 is a great opportunity for Microsoft developers. For the first time in history, Microsoft is providing a unified OS and App Store and a universal development platform for the whole range of devices: traditional desktop computers, phones, tablets, huge touch-screen displays, Xbox, Internet of Things devices, and even Hololens. This development platform is the Universal Windows Platform, and this course will get you up to speed on how to create an app targeting the UWP with XAML, the same powerful technology that the Windows 10 start menu and the new Office apps are built upon.

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