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Windows 11 Internals: Foundations

by Pavel Yosifovich

This course will teach you the foundations on which the Windows OS is built, its main mechanisms and architecture. This will allow you to get deeper into Windows, whether you are a developer, researcher, or other power user.

What you'll learn

When developing Windows applications with low-level APIs, kernel drivers, or researching some scenario understanding the inner workings of Windows is essential. In this course, Windows 11 Internals: Foundations, you’ll learn how Windows works under the covers. First, you’ll explore the basic concepts of Windows, such as processes and threads. Next, you’ll discover how to use the WinDbg debugger to gain insight into Windows functionality. Finally, you’ll learn how system calls are invoked. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the foundations of Windows Internals needed to dig deeper into the operating system, whether you are a developer, a security researcher, or troubleshooting issues.

About the author

Pavel is a developer, trainer, author, and speaker. He's the co-author of "Windows Internals, 7th edition" (Part 1), "Windows 10 System Programming" (Parts 1 & 2), and "Windows Kernel Programming". He is also a Microsoft MVP.

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