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Microsoft Azure Diagnostics

by Niraj Bhatt

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Windows Azure Diagnostics helping you become more effective with your troubleshooting on Windows Azure Platform

What you'll learn

Windows Azure Diagnostics is a foundational course for Windows Azure Development. Mastering Windows Azure Diagnostics is very important for success with Windows Azure Platform. Course starts by walking through key components of Windows Azure Diagnostics, showcasing a basic hello world demo. Course then covers important topics like working in Full IIS mode, integrating with Enterprise Libray Logging Application Block, configuration precedence, and capturing data buffers including integration with Log4Net. Finally course various tips and tricks including On-Demand transfer, IntelliTrace, PowerShell, Database Trace Listeners, among others. This course is strongly recommended for any serious development on Windows Azure

About the author

Niraj works as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company and has an innate passion for building / studying software systems. He is a top rated speaker at various technical forums including Tech Ed, MCT Summit, Developer Summit, and Virtual Tech Days, among others. He enjoys working on – IT innovations that impact enterprise’s bottom line, architecture and integration of systems, performance tuning, and review of enterprise applications. He has received MVP award for ASP.NET, Connec... more

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