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Oct 13, 2014
3h 47m

In this course, you will learn about all the features of Azure Websites and get an introduction to Microsoft Azure WebJobs. You will learn how to deploy, scale, and configure your application using a variety of tools and development frameworks.

About the author
About the author

Matt is an independent consultant with expertise in web application design and development and systems integration. As a writer, Matt has contributed to several journals and magazines such as MSDN Magazine. Matt regularly shares his love of technology by speaking at local, regional, and international conferences such as DevWeek, Prairie Dev Con, That Conference, and VS Live. As a Pluralsight Author, Matt has created more than 30 courses on the topics of web, mobile, and cloud development.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introducing Azure Websites and WebJobs
Hello and welcome to this course on Azure Websites and WebJobs. I'm Matt Milner and in this introductory module I'm going to walk you through the core architecture of the website model and give you an idea of what WebJobs can do. Over the course of the remaining modules, we'll dive into many of the features that make it a very powerful platform. You'll start off seeing how easy it is to get your website deployed out into an Azure data center and then you're going to see how to really leverage that platform to make it your own, make it scale, and make it what you need for your website hosting. A little note about naming, currently it's called Azure, previously it was referred to as Windows Azure. You'll hear Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure or just Azure. I've been using this technology for several years, so I'll probably slip back and forth between all of those. It's safest if you just call it Azure, but don't get confused if you hear it referred to as those other things in this course or elsewhere.

Deploying Web Sites
Welcome to this module on Deploying Sites to Windows Azure Websites. In this module we're going to talk about the core concepts of deploying your website out into the Windows Azure websites infrastructure, so we'll look at those core concepts around what's involved with getting your site out there, even when you're scaling up to multiple servers or instances in Azure. We'll talk about continuous integration, getting your sites to deploy right from TFS or from your git repository when you do check-ins, and we'll talk about deployment slots or being able, in certain configurations to add multiple different environments, such as staging and QA, essentially side by side instances of your website, so that you can get it out there and test it, and use other scenarios where those multiple sites will come in handy.

Monitoring and Debugging
Welcome to this module on Monitoring and Diagnostics in your Windows Azure websites. We're going to talk about how you find and fix those issues with your website. Specifically, we'll take a look at the logging capabilities that are available to you in Windows Azure websites, what data you can collect out there and where you can store it, we'll look at monitoring your site, looking for specific metrics that might be important to you and how to get alerted when those things cross certain thresholds, and we'll finish out by looking at debugging a live, running site on Windows Azure websites using Visual Studio.