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Windows Endpoint Security: Networking

by Michael Teske

This course will teach you Windows networking basics needed by all roles in cybersecurity.

What you'll learn

Roles in cybersecurity require a great deal of implied knowledge. In this course, Windows Endpoint Security: Networking, you will gain a security focused, baseline understanding of Windows networking fundamentals. First, you will explore commands needed to determine your system's configuration. Next, you will learn how Windows routes traffic and uses name resolution. Finally, you will learn how to determine what services are running on your system as well as remote systems. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Windows networking fundamentals, including commonly used commands added to your tool box which will enable you to continue advancing into more technical roles within security operations.

About the author

Michael Teske is an Author Evangelist with Pluralsight helping people build their skills toolkit. Michael has 20+ years of experience in the IT Ops industry including 17 of those years as an IT instructor at a technical college focusing on Microsoft server infrastructure solutions as well as Microsoft enterprise applications including automation using PowerShell. During his time as an instructor, Michael has developed curriculum for several courses as well as authored curriculum for Microsoft's ... more

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