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Windows Performance Monitoring Fundamentals

by Bruce Mackenzie-Low

This course will teach Windows developers and IT admins valuable skills with monitoring Windows performance. Learn the different strategies for monitoring performance, along with the top five tools for accomplishing the job. Each module provides a blended mix of theory, tools, and demonstrations to give the learner a comprehensive understanding of the material.

What you'll learn

Windows Performance Monitoring Fundamentals provides IT Professionals and Application Developers with a foundation for understanding and analyzing Windows performance issues. The course begins with an introduction to performance monitoring and the strategies that are used to identify system bottlenecks. Subsequent modules introduce various tasks associated with performance monitoring and the recommended tools that are used for analyzing key metrics. From quick and easy monitoring of key system metrics with the Task Manager and Resource Monitor, to more detailed monitoring in the background with Perfmon and the Windows Performance Toolkit, a steady progression of course material is presented in an engaging fashion. The final module provides guidance on the best practices used to recognize performance metrics that are exceeding thresholds and the recommended actions to take.

Table of contents

About the author

Bruce is a master consultant at HP providing 3rd level worldwide support on Microsoft Windows based products including Failover Clusters, Crash Dump Analysis and Performance Tuning. With over 25 years of computing experience at Digital, Compaq and HP, Bruce is a well-known resource for resolving highly complex problems involving clusters, SAN’s, networking and internals. He has taught extensively throughout his career always leaving his audience energized with his enthusiasm for technology.

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