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Windows Server 2022: Security Management

by Rishalin Pillay

This course will teach you how to securely deploy Windows Server 2022 and utilize its many security features.

What you'll learn

When it comes to deploying security protections of modern operating systems, it can become daunting as you try to wrap your head around the various protections and how they should be deployed. This course is aimed at security admins who are looking at deploying Windows Server 2022 security protections correctly and using best practices that are published by Microsoft. In this course, Windows Server 2022: Security Management, you’ll learn to fully deploy Windows Server 2022 and securely and reduce its attack surface by making use of the security capabilities that are available. First, you’ll explore the various security capabilities that exist within Windows Server 2022. Next, you’ll discover how to securely manage and implement Window Server 2022. Finally, you’ll learn how to configure the security features of Windows Server 2022 along with making use of baselines that are constantly maintained by Microsoft. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Windows Server 2022 needed to fully deploy, manage, and secure the operating system.

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About the author

Rishalin is a prolific author and cybersecurity expert. He has authored several video courses on Pluralsight, as well as three books: "Learn Penetration Testing", "Offensive Shellcode from Scratch." and "Ethical Hacking Workshop". He is also a technical contributor to many other books on topics such as dark web analysis, Kali Linux, offensive security, and SECOPS. He has received the Microsoft Content Publisher Gold and Platinum awards for his contributions to the cybersecurity industry. Rishal... more

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