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Windows Server Administration Concepts: Basics and Installation

by Glenn Weadock

Windows servers are the engines that drive business networks. This course covers the editions of Windows Server, how to install them, and how to set up device drivers and Windows services. It’s the perfect starting point for new server admins.

What you'll learn

Almost everyone these days has experience with “client” operating systems such as Windows 10, but the IT networking world requires up-close work with “server” operating systems. Windows servers look similar to Windows clients at first glance, but there are many key differences. In this course, Windows Server Administration Concepts: Basics and Installation, you will gain the ability to install and configure the Windows Server operating system. First, you will learn about the multiple editions of Windows Server, including licensing, servicing channels, and whether to choose Server Core or Desktop Experience versions. Next, you will discover details about installing Windows Server, including upgrades versus clean installs, interactive versus automated installs, and how to migrate user settings and server roles from old systems to new ones. Finally, you will set up server hardware with the proper device drivers, and know how to maintain and troubleshoot them over time, and you will ensure that operating system services are set up for optimum performance and security using both graphical and command-line tools. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to select, install, and configure Windows Server operating systems, and you’ll be ready for further exploration of server roles, storage, Active Directory, performance, and maintenance in later courses. This course is part of a learning path that aligns with the objectives for the Microsoft Technology Associate certification track (exam 98-365).

About the author

Glenn E. Weadock (MDAA, MCAAA, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCITP, A+, Security+) is the president of Independent Software Inc., which he founded in 1982 after graduating from Stanford University's engineering school. ISI provides expert witness, consulting, and training services in the IT field with a focus on operating systems and networking technologies. Glenn is the author of 18 commercial books on topics such as Windows clients and servers, Microsoft certification, website design, troubleshooting, and ... more

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