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Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Infrastructure

by Shadow Farrell

This course covers the redesigned Windows Desktop Infrastructure in Windows Server 2012. It prepares students to deploy Remote Desktop and study for the topics on the 70-415 exam.

What you'll learn

This course covers the new re-designed Remote Desktop infrastructure introduced in Windows Server 2012. The new installation procedure is covered in depth, along with the redesigned role of the Remote Desktop Connection Broker. We will go through the purpose and installation of the Remote Desktop Gateway, how to create and manage Collections along with Session properties, and configuring the Remote Desktop Client. There is a complete lecture on certificates to provide added insight into how to configure the certificates for multiple roles. The series also includes complete coverage of the Remote Desktop Web Access role including high availability and how to customize the web page.

Table of contents

About the author

Shadow Farrell has been a technical trainer for twenty years. He has worked in the field in enterprise environments such as AIG and Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Farrell holds many certifications from Microsoft as well as CompTIA and other vendors, and has worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for CompUSA, and many other training centers. Recently, he has been specializing in designing and conducting educational videos, boot camps and certification classes in the United States an... more

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