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Windows Terminal: Getting Started

by Matt Allford

Windows Terminal is a modern, powerful, and customizable terminal, used to run command line applications. This course will teach you how to install and configure the Windows Terminal.

What you'll learn

Microsoft created a modern, fast, and customizable Windows Terminal to integrate with any command line application, but have you spent time with it to understand how to make it work better for your own needs? If you’re a Windows power user or an IT professional working in roles such as support, administration, development, and engineering, getting up to speed with the Windows Terminal will help reduce friction when working with command line applications, while allowing you to customize the look and feel of the terminal to make it your own. In this course, Windows Terminal: Getting Started, you'll learn to install, configure, and customize the Windows Terminal. First, you'll understand what Windows Terminal is and how to install it. Next, you'll explore how to manage the terminal by adding profiles and configuring settings. Finally, you'll spend some time using the common features of the terminal that you can leverage in your day-to-day use, and understand how to customize the terminal appearance to your liking. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of the Windows Terminal and what is needed to install, configure, customize, and use the terminal for all your command line applications.

About the author

Matt is a DevOps engineer and solution architect with over 10 years of experience in systems administration, architecture and design, primarily in the on-premises data center. He has a new found passion for Cloud and DevOps processes, tools and techniques and enjoys helping customers and the community realize value from technology. Over the past several years Matt has experienced first-hand the power of the communities within the wider IT industry and enjoys learning from others and, where possi... more

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