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WinJS Fundamentals

by Gergely Orosz

WinJS is a framework available to use for every Windows 8 Javascript application. This course will introduce fundamental parts of this framework and show how they can be used.

What you'll learn

WinJS - the Windows Library for Javascript - is a framework created to help build Windows 8 applications using Javascript. This course will give an overview of the framework features and covers the fundamental parts that are the building blocks of the framework. The features covered in this course are classes, namespaces, mixins, events, bindings, promises and the navigation framework.

About the author

Gergely is a developer at Microsoft, working on next generation Skype applications. He previously worked at JP Morgan on equity trading applications and Visiblox developing WPF and Silverlight charting components. He has been developing for the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms since their announcement, building highly-rated applications like Cocktail Flow and Weather Flow. He is also a developer on AdRotator, a cross-platform ad component library helping maximize advertisement revenue for... more

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