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Analyzing and Decrypting TLS with Wireshark

by Ross Bagurdes

This course will teach you how the primary encryption protocol used on the internet, TLS, operates. You’ll learn about the process and all the protocols involved in encryption using TLS.

What you'll learn

TLS, sometimes called SSL, is the primary method of encryption for most communication on the internet including web and email communication. In this course, Analyzing and Decrypting TLS with Wireshark, you’ll learn the process and protocols TLS uses to encrypt traffic. First, you’ll see a visual description of how TLS encryption operates, explaining all of the critical steps of encryption and protocols involved. Next, you’ll observe a packet capture of an HTTPs website using Wireshark, and examine the unencrypted components of the TLS handshake. Finally, you’ll learn how to capture session keys on your local computer in order to decrypt TLS traffic in Wireshark, and then examine the entire TLS handshake process. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to capture HTTPs traffic with Wireshark, capture the session keys for the TLS encryption, and decrypt the HTTPs session in Wireshark.

About the author

Ross has had a diverse career. He has a Structural Engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering, but gave up the career shortly after graduating from college. Beginning in 1997, Ross began officially working in IT, implementing and supporting a paperless work order system for a Natural Gas Utility in Illinois. Since then, Ross has spent his years teaching and managing data networks. Ross spent 7 years at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, supporting and managing the large ... more

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