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Working with C# 9 Records

by Roland Guijt

Applying the concept of immutability is vital no matter what type of software you create. This course will teach you why that is and how to apply it using C#’s Records.

What you'll learn

As a developer you want to write quality code with as few bugs as possible. In this course, Working with C# Records, you’ll learn to make your code bug resistant using immutability and Records. First, you’ll explore the concept of immutability. What it is and why it improves software quality. Next, you’ll discover Records, which will make working with immutability in C# a breeze. Finally, you’ll learn the features of Records, which will make working with them a pleasure. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to apply immutability and records to your software needed to mitigate those nasty bugs.

Course FAQ

What is immutability?

Immutability, in object-oriented and functional programming, is an object whose state cannot be modified or changed after it is created.

What will you learn in this C# tutorial?

In this course, you will learn the importance and use of immutability, how to apply records to projects, and the internals of records.

Are there prerequisites for this C# tutorial?

Prerequisites for this course are a baseline knowledge of C#. Not only syntax but also object orientation.

What are C# records?

C# records are a reference type that you can create instead of classes or structs. Records are distinct from classes because records use a value-based equality.

What is polymorphism in C#?

In C# polymorphism is the ability for objects of different types to provide a unique interface for different implementations of methods.

About the author

Roland is a Microsoft MVP enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .Net and browser technologies. As a long-time trainer, he led many courses on these topics and spoke about them at international conferences. He also travels around the globe to offer his self-developed workshops. The word that comes to mind when he thinks about software development is passion! Roland lives in The Netherlands with his wife and two boys.

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