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Working with Design Options in Revit

by Pierre Derenoncourt

Learn to work with multiple design options in Revit by using the Design Options tool. Software required: Revit 2014.

What you'll learn

In this series of lessons, you learn to work with multiple design options in Revit by using the Design Options tool.We'll begin with a model that is near completion and the only feature left is the exterior glazing or glass paneling. From there, we'll create an option set for the panel system. Within that option set, we'll create two distinct design options. Once we have those in place, we will then assign a 3D view and a perspective view to each design option. This will allow us to make a visual comparison of the two designs. Finally, we'll create a schedule which lists types, sizes and quantities associated with each design option. By using the Design Option tool, we'll be able to make decisions based on the visual and economic impacts of your designs. Software required: Revit 2014.

About the author

Pierre is a Pluralsight training pioneer. Since becoming the first CAD and BIM author at Digital-Tutors (now a Pluralsight company), Pierre has played a major role in building the training library. With a productive background in the CAD industry, working as everything from a drafter to project manager, Pierre has long had a passion for the creativity and hard work that goes into designing architectural projects. Pierre is proud to be able to share his mastery of Revit and AutoCAD with the P... more

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