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Working with Excel on the iPad

by Mike Thomas

This course provides a solid introduction to using Excel on an iPad and is aimed at anyone who is either completely new to Excel or has used it at a very basic level.

What you'll learn

Learn how to use Excel on an iPad! You’ll learn how to set up a spreadsheet from scratch, update an existing spreadsheet, and improve the appearance of a spreadsheet to make it easy to read and understand. You’ll also learn how to create simple calculations, use some of Excel’s functions, work with list based data, print your spreadsheet, represent your data in a visual way, and manage your documents on a mobile device.

About the author

Based in Manchester in the UK, Mike has worked in the IT training business since 1989. He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies, his primary focus and passion being Microsoft Office (especially Excel) and Power BI. In 2012 Mike founded The Excel Trainer ( where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He has recorded several Excel training courses for Pluralsight and in his career delivered thousands of courses and webinars on a... more

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