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Working with Files in PHP

by Mike Van Sickle

There has been an explosion of new “web languages” over the last few years. Throughout this time, PHP has maintained its hard-earned position as one of the most common languages for developing web applications.

What you'll learn

Almost all applications have to work with the filesystem at some point. In this course, Working with Files in PHP, you’ll learn to safely and efficiently manage files in your applications. First, you’ll explore how to create, read, and update individual files. Next, you’ll discover the tools that PHP offers for managing directories. Finally, you’ll learn how to send and receive files in the context of web services. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of file management needed to open, modify, and save files using PHP.

About the author

Michael Van Sickle is an application architect in Akron, Ohio. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, designing components for the automotive industry, before changing to software engineering. He is passionate about learning new programming languages and is comfortable working in Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and F#. Mike also loves learning about user experience design and is taking a lead role in his company's attempt to make applications that are elegant and simple. When he i... more

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