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Working with Memory Dumps and Debugging Using Sysinternals Tools

by Sami Laiho

One of the most needed skills in troubleshooting is post-mortem analysis which is needed to understand application crashes and operating system Blue Screens. This course will teach you how to analyze both hung applications and crashed OSs.

What you'll learn

How do you diagnose non-responsive or extremely slow applications? In this course, Working with Memory Dumps and Debugging Using Sysinternals Tools, you will gain the ability to debug applications and analyze Blue Screens. First, you will learn to setup debugging tools. Next, you will discover debugging applications and creating memory dumps. Finally, you will explore how to create and analyze Blue Screens. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of debugging and memory analysis needed to understand application and operating systems hangs and crashes.

About the author

Sami Laiho is one of the world's leading professionals in Windows OS and Security. Sami has been working with and teaching OS troubleshooting, management, and security since 2001. Sami's session was evaluated as the best session in TechEd North America, Europe and Australia in 2014, and Nordic Infrastructure Conference in 2016 and 2017. At Ignite 2017, the world's biggest Microsoft event, Sami was evaluated as the Best External Speaker! At Ignite 2018, the world's biggest Microsoft event, Sami's... more

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