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Sep 22, 2014
1h 39m

This course explains when to write a business plan (and when you don't need one) and how to write a succinct and cogent business plan for raising money from angel investors, venture capitalists, and banks.

About the author
About the author

Devin Thorpe, a "champion of social good," writes about, advocates for and advises change agents. Crowdfunding is a favorite tool for catalyzing change. He is a Forbes Contributor and a contributing editor at CrowdFundBeat. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his decades of entrepreneurial finance experience and his Cornell MBA.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

When You Need to Write a Business Plan
Hello, welcome to Writing a Business Plan. I'm Devin Thorpe, the author. The first module in this course is, ‘When You Need to Write a Business Plan'. And the goal will be to help you figure out whether or not it's time for you to actually go ahead and write a business plan. Let's talk about who should complete this course. Anyone who is an entrepreneur should complete this course and you are an entrepreneur from the moment you have your first real business idea. Whether you are a coder, a designer, a creator; whatever you may be, however you may describe yourself, you are an entrepreneur once you decide that you want to sell something to someone else who isn't your employer. So if you're an entrepreneur, you really should complete this course.

Identifying the Problem You Solve
Welcome back. This is Module 2, ‘Identifying the Problem You Solve, ‘… And the Solution You Offer for Whom. ' This module really is the heart and soul of this course. Please complete this module. The purpose of a business plan is fundamentally easy. You want to define the problem you solve, explain your solution, identify your customer, and explain how you make a profit. Now this doesn't match the outline, but in substance, this explains the purpose of a business plan. So as you prepare yours, keep this objective in mind. You want to essentially explain the problem, how you solve it, for whom, and how you make money doing it.

Market, Marketing, and Defining a Competitive Advantage
Welcome back, this is Module 3: ‘Market and Marketing, and Defining a Competitive Advantage. Your Go to Market Strategy. ' I'm the Author, Devin Thorpe, and I'm happy to be with you today. This module will talk about how you sell, and market, promote, and build your business. No solution to any problem is worth anything if you can't sell it, it must generate revenue somehow, someway, eventually, and so your marketing strategy should drive toward an explanation of how you will actually market your business and generate revenue. You need to demonstrate that you know and understand your customers. And you need to be clear in providing evidence that you have a strategy for reaching the customers you've identified. And you've got to present a compelling reason why the customer should buy from you. We're going to explore all of these issues in greater length in this module to help you craft your business plan in a way that will help investors especially to understand why your business should be funded.