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Fast Enterprise Application Development with WSO2

by Edward Curren

Complexity in enterprise software environments is virtually unavoidable. How you deal with the complexity of your systems is measured in the number of dollars spent. This course teaches you how to control the complexity.

What you'll learn

In-house software applications are developed to meet a specific business need. Over time the needs of the business will change and the application is expected to meet those changing needs. Often times, those needs have nothing to do with the original mission the application was designed to do and were never envisioned by the original designers of the application. This is hard enough with one application, but enterprises have many of these applications which often need to work together. In this course, Fast Application Development with WSO2, you will learn how to approach the design of a new application or refactoring an existing application, to use services and APIs to support extensibility, integration, and maintenance of your suite of enterprise applications. Specifically, you will learn how to make data available as a service to your applications, how to integrate disparate systems using messaging and orchestrations and create managed APIs. After watching this course, you'll be able to employ the skills that you learned, allowing you to overcome application complexity and focus time and money on meeting the business's needs, rather than grappling with unwieldy software.

About the author

Ed graduated from the University of Dayton in 1995 with a BS in Computer Science and often wishes he could break the secrets of quantum physics to return to that time. Later Ed contracted with the Department of Homeland Security to be part of a team which built a counter-terrorism system before moving on to the FBI’s counter-intelligence division where he worked with the Advanced Concepts Unit building software solutions to address difficulties that the bureau faced. He decided to move back ... more

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