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Xamarin Continuous Integration Using TeamCity and FAKE

by Skip Krenek

Automated build, deployment, and testing for Xamarin Native Cross Platform Mobile Development, including integration of additional troubleshooting and notification tools such as HipChat and PagerDuty.

What you'll learn

Mobile development is one of the fastest growing segments in IT today. The demand for mobile applications will most likely continue to grow at an exponential pace for the foreseeable future. But mobile users, like their web and desktop counterparts, demand just as much quality as quantity, maybe more. Cross platform solutions like Xamarin reduce both time to market and the amount of code needed to target multiple platforms. To support this rapid development pace, while also ensuring high quality, more and more mobile teams are turning to automated build, testing, and deployment strategies. While there are many different solutions available, this course attempts to illustrate an interesting and compelling alternative for the Xamarin shop looking to leverage in-house .NET skills using modern tools like F#/FAKE and TeamCity, as well as 3rd party cloud services such as HipChat and PagerDuty.

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About the author

Skip is a independent consultant, seasoned software architect, and passionate developer with over 17 years of experience. His work mainly focuses on designing and implementing enterprise level applications for the financial and telecommunications industries. Not only has he led both small and large development teams, but he has also delivered many in-house, live as well as pre-recorded training sessions. Having worked with varied technologies through the years (C++, J2EE, Spring, .NET, Oracl... more

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