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XMPP/Jabber with Ruby

by Casimir Saternos and Geoffrey Grosenbach

Learn to work with open, real-time messaging platform XMPP with Ruby.

What you'll learn

XMPP is an open, real-time instant messaging platform that is useful for sending and receiving notifications between servers and humans. You can use it to receive administrative notifications from your website or to push notifications to subscribers much more efficiently than current poll-based solutions such as RSS. This course will teach you to work with XMPP from Ruby.

Table of contents

About the authors

Casimir Saternos has been developing software for the past decade. He has written a number of articles that have appeared on the Oracle Technology Network and collaborated on several projects for PeepCode screencasts (now Pluralsight). He spends a good deal of time these days creating web applications using Java, Ruby, and any other technology that happens to apply.

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

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