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XZ Backdoor Supply Chain Vulnerability: What You Should Know

by Matthew Lloyd Davies and Aaron Rosenmund

Get to know how you might be affected by the XZ Utils backdoor vulnerability, and what you can do to assess and mitigate the impact.

What you'll learn

This course discusses how a trusted Github collaborator implanted a backdoor into a popular Linux software tool used for compressing software packages such as release tarballs, kernel images and initramfs images, amongst other things. We’ll cover why it’s important and how you can risk-assess your exposure, as well as providing guidance on how to mitigate the risk.

Table of contents

XZ Backdoor Supply Chain Vulnerability: What You Should Know

About the authors

Matt is a cyber security author and researcher here at Pluralsight. A certified penetration tester and incident handler, he created Pluralsight's CompTIA Pentest+ Specialized Attacks courses as well our courses on wireless, ICS/OT and hardware hacking. Matt has also helped to build our security labs portfolio; labs that help you get hands-on to understand the threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces today. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Matt's focus is on the security ... more

Aaron M. Rosenmund is a cyber security operations subject matter expert, with a background in federal and business defensive and offensive cyber operations and system automation. Leveraging his administration and automation experience, Aaron actively contributes to multiple open and closed source security operation platform projects and continues to create tools and content to benefit the community. As an educator & cyber security researcher at Pluralsight, he is focused on advancing cyber secur... more

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