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Apr 14, 2017
5h 14m

Have you ever had fantastic images of your next creature concept in your head, but not the knowledge or tools needed to bring them to life? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Sculpting the Necroknight with ZBrush, you'll learn how to sculpt a small undead knight. First, you'll discover how to create the skull, which is sculpted from a 3D sphere. Next, you'll add detail to the creature building out his armor, shield, accessories, and more. Finally, you'll render out an image so that you can present your monster creature concept to others. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only have sculpted a fantastic monster creature in ZBrush, but you'll also have the knowledge and skills needed to render out your own creature concepts in ZBrush in the future. Software required: ZBrush, Photoshop.

About the author
About the author

Pierre is a Chicago native freelance character artist with a background in character design and graphic art.

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