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Zero Trust Architecture: Executive Briefing

by Dr. Lyron H. Andrews

This course will teach you the basic understanding and applicability of zero trust.

What you'll learn

Global networks and the proliferation of data leaves valuable digital resources open to a multitude of threats when they utilize traditional protection architectures and tools. In this course, Zero Trust Architecture: Executive Briefing, you’ll learn to develop a strategy for zero trust implementation. First, you’ll explore what is zero trust and why is it needed. Next, you’ll discover how to implement a zero-trust architecture. Finally, you’ll learn how to make the business case for zero trust implementation. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Zero Trust Architecture needed to develop a strategy for zero trust implementation.

Table of contents

Implementing Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
Understanding Resource Implications and Impact of Decisions Related to Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

About the author

Dr. Andrews’ technology career spans three decades. His roles included network manager New York City Department of Education, BMG Direct senior director of IT, and BNY Mellon dean of technology. His doctoral research at Teachers College Columbia found that critical thinking skills thrive in environments that are supportive of five essential elements in the mind of a critical thinker. He teaches cyber security. He has integrated technology management with teaching at Columbia University and other... more

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