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C# Unit Testing with NUnit

  • Number of Courses7 courses
  • Duration13 hours
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Unit testing has become standard practice for today's software developers and NUnit is one of the most popular and mature unit testing frameworks available for .NET. The goal of this learning path is to help you understand how to write clean, testable code, all the way from writing your first test to mocking out dependencies to developing a pragmatic suite of unit tests for your application.

Courses in this path

NUnit and Moq

The courses in this section will help you master the basics of writing unit tests. First, you will learn how to use NUnit, one of the most popular unit testing frameworks used in .NET. Then you will learn how to Moq, a mocking framework which allows you to replace dependencies in your code when you write tests. Mastering these two frameworks will help you create unit tests for a wide-ranging set of scenarios you encounter when writing code.

Testable Code

After you have mastered the basics, the courses in this section help you write better unit tests. You will learn how to write code that is more testable from the start and how by doing so, you improve the overall design of your code. Then you will learn about how to go from writing individual unit tests to building a whole suite of tests for your application in a thoughtful, pragmatic way.

Testing Libraries

There are a number of open source libraries that can help you write more readable, maintainable unit tests, and the courses in this section are designed to introduce you to the most useful of these libraries. A short investment of time in watching these courses will save you lots of time later as you learn about the advanced capabilities these libraries add to your unit testing toolkit.

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