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Developing APIs with Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform

  • Number of Courses4 courses
  • Duration11 hours

This three-course path introduces learners to Apigee, Google Cloud's full-lifecycle API management platform. Using a combination of presentations, hands-on labs, and supplemental materials, you will explore the full API lifecycle, and learn how to design, secure, and publish APIs using the Apigee API Platform. You will use labs to build APIs that solve real-world scenarios.

Note: We strongly recommend that you take the courses in order. Later lab activities build on APIs you implemented during previous labs. These labs model an API development process that can be used for real-world projects in Google Cloud.

This learning path is intended for developers, architects, or engineers responsible for the solutioning, design, implementation, or management of APIs.

Courses in this path


This course introduces you to API design and the fundamentals of the Apigee platform. You learn how to design APIs, and how to use OpenAPI specifications to document them. You learn about the API life cycle, and how the Apigee API platform helps you manage all aspects of the life cycle. You learn about how APIs can be designed using API proxies, and how APIs are packaged as products to be used by app developers.


This course focuses on how to secure your APIs. You explore the security concerns you will encounter for your APIs. You learn about OAuth, the primary authorization method for REST APIs. You will learn about JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and federated security. You also learn about securing against malicious requests, safely sending requests across a public network, and how to secure your data for users of Apigee.


In this course, you learn how to create APIs that utilize multiple services and how you can use custom code on Apigee. You will also learn about fault handling, and how to share logic between proxies. You learn about traffic management and caching. You also create a developer portal, and publish your API to the portal. You learn about logging and analytics, as well as CI/CD and the different deployment models supported by Apigee.

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