Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate


Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate

Author: Ned Bellavance

This path takes you through everything you need to get up and running with Terraform as an infrastructure management and automation tool. Made by Hashicorp, Terraform is one of... Read more

What you will learn

  • Installing and running Terraform
  • Using provisioners
  • Using variables and outputs
  • Working with configuration files
  • Working with providers and resources
  • Automating infrastructure deployment
  • Creating and importing modules
  • Adding Terraform to a CI/CD pipeline
  • Importing data from external sources
  • Managing state in Terraform
  • Troubleshooting Terraform Issues


General IT Knowledge is needed, and a familiarity with Cloud computing is beneficial

Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate

This path takes you through everything you need to get up and running with Terraform as an infrastructure management and automation tool. Made by Hashicorp, Terraform is one of the hottest tools on the market these days. Through this path, you’ll cover the basics of infrastructure as code before getting into Terraform specifics. You’ll get into deploying your first configuration and more as you dive deep into Terraform’s capabilities.

Additionally, the courses in this path cover the objectives on the Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate certification exam and can help you prepare for certification.

Terraform - Getting Started

by Ned Bellavance

Oct 2, 2019 / 3h 29m

3h 29m

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Systems Administrators and DevOp Engineers have always been charged to do more with less. Defining infrastructure in code and automating its deployment helps improve operational efficiency and lower administrative overhead. In this course, Terraform - Getting Started, you'll learn foundational knowledge of Hashicorp's Terraform software, a toolset for infrastructure automation. First, you'll discover how to create and update a basic configuration. Next, you'll explore how to use provisioners, functions, and providers to expand your deployment. Finally, you'll learn how to leverage abstraction and improve code reuse with variables, state files, and modules. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of Terraform needed to write, plan, and create automated infrastructure deployments.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. What You Need to Know About Infrastructure as Code
  3. Deploying Your First Terraform Configuration
  4. Updating Your Configuration with More Resources
  5. Configuring a Resource After Creation
  6. Adding a New Provider to Your Configuration
  7. Using Variables and Functions
  8. Using a Module for Common Configurations

Terraform Deep Dive

by Ned Bellavance

Aug 18, 2020 / 4h 7m

4h 7m

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Deploying and maintaining traditional infrastructure is a manual task fraught with repetitive tasks, inconsistent configuration, and always out of date documentation. In this course, Terraform Deep Dive, you'll learn some of the more advanced uses of Terraform for infrastructure automation. First, you'll learn about importing existing infrastructure. Next, you'll explore remote state and data sources. Finally, you'll get an idea of how to integrate Terraform with a CICD pipeline and configuration management software. By the end of this course, you'll know how to incorporate these techniques into your existing skillset, empowering you to integrate Terraform into the rest of your operations and expand out into the larger enterprise.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Intro and Recap
  3. Working with Existing Resources
  4. Managing State in Terraform
  5. Using Data Sources and Templates
  6. Using Workspaces and Collaboration
  7. Troubleshooting Terraform
  8. Adding Terraform to a CI/CD Pipeline
  9. Integrating with Configuration Managers