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Increasing Efficiency with Kanban

  • Number of Courses5 courses
  • Duration10 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

This skill path will teach you how to design, build, operate and measure a kanban system to achieve significant benefits for you, your team and your organization.

We will talk about how Kanban can increase productivity and throughput.. By applying Kanban you can achieve a sustainable pace of development or throughput since Kanban flushes out issues that impair performance and enable teams to focus on resolving issues quickly. Kanban makes obvious the impacts of defects, bottlenecks, workflow changes, costs, schedules and throughput by providing easy visibility into quality and process problems. The combination of improved workflow and increased quality drives shorter lead times and improves predictability and schedule performance.

Courses in this path


In this beginner section, we will cover the principles of LEAN and how LEAN adds value to a business process. We will also talk about the basic concepts, uses, benefits and principles of Kanban.


In this intermediate section we will take a deeper look into the workings of Kanban, such as limits on work loads, backlogs, and estimating features. Also in this section we will help practitioners of waterfall, scrum or “scrum-fall” migrate to Kanban


In this advanced section we will talk about how to thoughtfully transition from scrum to kanban in a methodological way while leveraging your existing scrum knowledge. Understanding and leveraging value streams are essential in optimizing your workflow processes. All processes can have a variety of roadblock types and we will explore how to unblock and improve workflow. Lastly we will cover the importance of metrics and management reporting in ensuring your Kanban is running smoothly and efficiently.

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