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Node.js Developer on Microsoft Azure

  • Number of Courses3 courses
  • Duration10 hours

This path focuses on the primary features and services of Microsoft Azure to use when developing and deploying Node.js applications.

Beginning with an exploration of the Azure infrastructure, you'll then cover multiple options to deploy Node apps into Azure. You’ll see how to automate the cloud to achieve continuous deployment of those applications, and explore multiple features to make them scalable, resilient, and secure.

From App Services and software containers to Redis Cache and Content Delivery Networks, these courses will give you the fundamental knowledge you need to evaluate, design, build and deploy your Node applications in Microsoft Azure.

Courses in this path


Learn the fundamentals of developing and deploying Node.js applications with Microsoft Azure, including configuration and troubleshooting, storage and database options, and continuous deployment.


Now focus on making your Node applications scalable and resilient – and the features of Microsoft Azure that help: adding redundancy, fail-over, and load balancing to a system. Support scaling with partitioning and caching, and implement Content Delivery Networks, API management and performance testing.


With a firm understanding of Azure, now dive into the security-focused features, including authentication, role-based access control, and encrypted secrets in Azure Key Vault. Develop and deploy securely with software containers and formalized template-based deployment.

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