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Rabobank: Be the answer

Go behind the scenes to see how Rabobank leverages Pluralsight to create a workforce that responds to future needs before they arise.

Rabobank, Paul Hoogendijck

The challenge

Conquering evolving tech with less talent


As a leader in the financial services industry and committed to driving positive change, Rabobank strives to deliver people-first banking services for its customers using their knowledge, networks, and comprehensive financial solutions. 


Now operating as the cooperative global bank it is today, the widespread demand for talent makes finding the right people a growing challenge. “We have to do more with less people,” says Business Analyst and Product Owner, Paul Hoogendijck. “And it’s harder to find and retain qualified talent.”


To better provide secure, streamlined, and accessible services for their clients and further drive impactful change—without relying solely on hiring—Rabobank needed a better way to attract, create, and retain top talent.

Who they are

Rabobank is an international financial services powerhouse that goes beyond traditional banking, driven by a unique vision to help solve the global food challenge. Providing banking, housing, and leasing solutions for their clients, they also focus on entrepreneurs and companies in the food and agriculture sectors. 


Founded in 1895 | Headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands | €74.2 billion in loans to the food & agricultural sector worldwide | 38 countries of operation | 9.1 million customers

Our key focus is that we make progress on our products but also ensure our customers can fulfill their banking needs in a safe, secure environment.

Alexandra Fonville

Tech Lead & Agile Leader


The solution

Overcoming the demand for talent with skill development

While the demand for talent forces some competitors to cut services by as much as 50%, Rabobank uses Pluralsight Skills to stay one step ahead.


“What I like about Pluralsight is that, because there's so much training material available,” says Rabobank CTO Retail NL Tech, Alexander Zwart, “it gives you recommendations to build new skills after you’ve finished learning one.” 


By leveraging data-driven insights from Skill IQ and Role IQ, Rabobank utilizes Skills to enable a T-shaped learning model, facilitating skill development across multiple specialties to better respond to customer and industry demands before they arise.


In response to stricter budgets, Rabobank takes using Pluralsight Skills a step further, implementing a License to Skill initiative that’s driven up YoY platform usage by 400% and increased overall role satisfaction for their employees.



Qualified talent

Rabobank uses Pluralsight Skills to build a certified workforce with the certification prep center.

Faster response times

Hands-on labs expedite troubleshooting, enhance coding efficiency, and minimize developer errors.

Future-ready skills

Measured with Skill IQ, Rabobank saw a 34% increase in skill growth, creating better readiness to meet customer needs.


Rabobank has seen a 400% YoY increase in platform use by providing 1 – 3 hours of focused skill development time per week.

With Pluralsight’s Skill IQ, it’s like taking a kind of snapshot of your knowledge, allowing us to better pinpoint and close skills gaps through personalized learning paths.

Paul Hoogendijck

Business Analyst & Product Owner

next steps

The next steps

Upskilling a workforce to stay ahead of tech

With ongoing investment in their culture of learning, Rabobank’s License to Skill initiative continues to empower their employees to embrace and adapt to evolving tech.


“The financial services industry is global, 24/7, and customer expectations are always increasing,” says Alexander. “That’s why we encourage our people to constantly develop themselves.”


Rabobank taps into the power of Pluralsight Skills to enable employees to spend less time looking for answers and more time being the answer—resulting in a collaborative, adaptive workforce ready to tackle whatever changes the future has in store. 


*Study conducted in June 2023

next steps
The impact of Pluralsight for all our engineers and technical staff is that it has what they need, when they need it. As a result, we’re better prepared for the future.

Alexandra Fonville

Tech Lead & Agile Leader

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