From a Manager's Perspective: 5 Benefits of Hiring Certified IT Employees

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The findings of a 2010 Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) study provide an interesting peek into the typical mindset of a manager who has to recruit IT professionals. According to the findings, 91 percent of all managers  interviewed stated that they regard IT certifications as effective yardsticks to judge a candidate's worth and look for these stamps on resumes. This is not surprising in light of the following statistic, also gleaned from the study: More than 80 percent of these managers believe that certified IT professionals are more efficient workers and enhance the performance of the teams they are a part of. Clearly, IT hiring managers see benefits in recruiting certified professionals, and these five reasons explain why.

The right man is on the right job.

This is one benefit of hiring certified IT employees that addresses the ongoing debate on whether to consider certifications when recruiting or rely solely on real-world experience.

Consider this scenario. You have received a resume from a person who has proven experience writing code. He has been doing it for 12 years. But how do you ensure that he has the skills and knowledge to work with Java or C++? Simple. If his experience does not convince you, then look for relevant certifications. An IT certification is the most telling evidence of a candidate's knowledge and definitely makes life easier for you, especially when you have to sift through countless resumes of experienced IT professionals.

IT certifications from reputable establishments do not just showcase an individual's knowledge of a particular product or skill. These pieces of paper also prove his or her ability to apply their knowledge and skills to comprehend and analyze a real-life situation or an issue, and make a decision and/or troubleshoot. Someone may also pick up these skills on the job, but with certification examinations actually testing people on these merits, many hiring managers feel more comfortable recruiting a certified professional.

An IT certification distinguishes a keen and dedicated individual.

If you are a manager and have been recruiting professionals for some time, you will agree that the ideal employee is much more than just an experienced worker. He/she is a dedicated professional who is willing to learn new skills and adapt to the demands of his job. There can be no better indication of this than a person who has some relevant IT certifications. That an individual has chosen to invest time, money, and effort to study for a certification proves dedication beyond any doubt.

IT certifications are also an indication that an individual is keen to keep up-to-date with developments taking place in his area of expertise and that he has the discipline and the determination to pursue his goals. These are traits that are essential to survive and flourish in an ever-changing IT industry, and certainly ones that all managers look for in their potential employees. These are also traits that not any amount of “real-life experience” can guarantee to have bestowed on an individual.

In this context, it is also worthwhile to mention that certified IT professionals are not only motivated to improve their skills and knowledge but also have access to the resources to achieve this. For instance, Oracle-certified professionals can benefit from technology sessions and meetings with industry experts at the various Oracle Open World events. Microsoft Certified Professionals get access to a portal on Microsoft's website, which offers networking groups, special offers and other member-only benefits. So, you have to work a little less to keep your certified employees up-to-date with industry developments.

Certified IT professionals create quality work culture and attract the best.

They say, birds of a feather flock together and exemplary workers tend to attract other efficient and dedicated professionals to your organization. In fact, referrals will save you oodles of time and effort that you would have otherwise spent in posting job ads and sifting through resumes.

As your organization boosts its ability to recruit top workers, the work culture too improves. The advantages are obvious-increased productivity and higher motivation levels that cumulatively translate into higher revenues.

IT certifications clinch more deals and give your organization superior bargaining power.

As a hiring manager, you have already stated your partiality to professionals with IT certifications (in the 2010 MCP Program Satisfaction survey). Likewise, internal and external customers too realize the value of IT certifications and prefer working with organizations and/or teams that consist of these individuals. What is more, the more certified professionals in your organization, the better your chances are of calling the shots during negotiations with your potential customers. You can not only clinch more deals but also tackle them at favorable prices.

Some internal and external customers work only with certified IT professionals. Period.

As a manager you would not want to hem and haw when your customer asks to see the certifications of your team members before handing you a project. And most do ask these days because customers too regard certifications as a more accurate way to determine a team or an organization's worth. Hiring managers know that in times of stiff competition, they simply won't have the option to scout for certified IT professionals once a project is already on the table.

The benefits of hiring certified IT professionals certainly go beyond  just having the right man on the job. Certified employees improve productivity and efficiency, uplift the credentials of an organization, and improve customer confidence. It's clear the benefits of hiring certified IT professional are not only long-lasting but they also unleash a chain reaction of positive events.

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