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Introduction to ABAP Objects: Concepts & Class Builder

by Dorian Salmon

Object-oriented programming is becoming more and more popular. This course provides an introduction to object-oriented programming in the SAP ABAP environment.

What you'll learn

"Classic ABAP" programmers can use the more modern object-oriented programming style, and this course, Introduction to ABAP Objects: Concepts & Class Builder, will help you get there. You'll start with seeing the differences between local and global classes. Next, you'll get an explanation of the Constructor method, as well as seeing how to re-use code by converting the local class into a global class that can be called from any object. You'll also go over handling program errors, deriving new classes from existing classes via inheritance, and some of the more advanced concepts of ABAP Objects programming. By the end of this course, you'll be ready for object-oriented programming in ABAP.

About the author

Dorian is an SAP Technical Consultant / Business Process Expert with over 20 years experience of Systems and Application programming & performance tuning, specializing in SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship management (SRM), SAP ERP, SAP Apparel & Footwear (AFS), SAP HR, SAP Middleware, SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP Mobile Platform. A former member of the SAP consulting team, Dorian has ... more

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