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Android Fundamentals: Intents

by Chiu-Ki Chan

Intents allow Android apps to work together. In this course, you'll learn how to use intents to launch other activities both within your own app and outside, plus how to accept intents from other apps.

What you'll learn

At the core of developing any Android application is how different components work together. Android achieves that by intents. In this course, Android Fundamentals: Intents, you'll learn different ways to use intents with activities, including both within your own app and outside. First, you'll cover how to use explicit intents to launch an activity within your app. Next, you'll delve into how to use implicit intents to launch an activity outside of your app. Finally, you'll explore how to use intent filters to accept intents from other apps. By the end of this course, you'll have the fundamental knowledge of Android intents, and how to utilize it to have different apps working together seamlessly.

About the author

Chiu-Ki is a mobile developer with a passion in speaking and teaching. Her mother tongue for mobile is Android, acquired while working on Android Maps at Google. Now she runs her own mobile development company, producing delightful apps such as "Monkey Write" for learning Chinese writing and "Heart Collage" for snapping photos to stitch into a heart. When she is not writing apps, she can be found traveling the world, sometimes sightseeing, sometimes dispensing Android tips on stage at vario... more

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