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Overcoming Common Android Performance Barriers

by Omri Erez

Android is the most widely-used mobile OS in the world. This course teaches you how to investigate, evaluate, and improve common performance hazards related to memory, UI rendering, and more using the latest analysis and profiling tools.

What you'll learn

At the core of any Android application is hidden performance glitches that cause the user experience of your application to be poor. In this course, Overcoming Common Android Performance Barriers, you will learn how to monitor, detect, and optimize performance hazards that will significantly improve the experience of your users. First, you will learn about memory hazards and memory leaks. Next you'll explore poor network and power consumption, as well as poor UI implementation. Finally, you'll learn how to lift all of them using the latest Android profiling tools. When you're finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of investigation and enhancements of performance threats that will help you as you move forward to perfect the user experience in your application.

About the author

Omri is a software engineer and award-winning Android developer. His first introduction to programming was learning C at the age of 12. While starting his bachelor's degree in Information Engineering in 2009, he began learning Android development independently and soon realized the potential of Android. In 2014, Omri co-founded and launched his first commercial startup, Fansino, and won the Best App Award at the Mobile Premier Awards 2015. Now, he lives and breathes Android, working as an indepe... more

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