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Getting Started with Android Studio 3

by Vladimir Jovanovic

Android Studio is a great IDE for Android developers. This course takes you through the most important features and prepares you for the joyous and rewarding journey of becoming an Android developer.

What you'll learn

Starting with Android development can quite often be confusing and challenging for new developers. In this course, Getting Started with Android Studio, you will gain the essential ability to work with Android Studio. First, you will learn how to install Android Studio. Next, you will discover how to create and run an Android project. Finally, you will explore how to debug an Android application and work with the integrated version control system. When you are finished with this course, you will have the fundamental knowledge of Android Studio needed to become a great Android developer.

About the author

Vladimir Jovanović is a passionate Android developer. Since Android 2.2, he has been helping companies have clean and stable Android applications. He currently lives in Berlin and is an active member of Berlin's Android community.

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