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Integrating Ansible 2 with Jira

by Saravanan Dhandapani

With customer demands changing dynamically, companies realize that automation leads to acceleration. This course will teach you how to automate the workflows in a development lifecycle.

What you'll learn

Long Description Introductory statement, general overview, 3 main learning points, what the learner will know by the end of the course. In today’s fast paced world where customer expect new enhancements frequently and instantly, Corporations must pay attention to faster time to market, and automation plays a key role. In this course, Integrating Ansible with Jira, you’ll learn to eliminate the manual process of creating and maintaining Jira tickets. First, you’ll explore how to secure your Jira credentials using Ansible vault. Then, you will learn how to download and install Jira plugin from Ansible galaxy. Next, you’ll see how to create a Jira issue using Ansible playbooks. Finally, you’ll learn how to edit and update a Jira issue using Ansible playbook. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using Ansible Jira plugin needed to integrate Ansible with Jira.

About the author

I have worked in IT design, development, and architecture for over a decade for some of the top fortune 100 companies. I have designed and architected enterprise applications and developed scalable and portable software. I am a Google Certified Professional Architect. Critical areas where I have worked are architecture and design using Java, ESB, Tomcat, ReactJS, JavaScript, Linux, Oracle, SVN, GIT, and so on, and cloud technologies, including AWS and GCP.

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