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Application Instrumentation using log4net

by Jim Christopher

Everything you need to know to start using log4net quickly and effectively.

What you'll learn

Sure, as a developer you have access to the source code, but without instrumentation your applications turn into silent black boxes in production. Logging is a simple way to let your application describe its health and operations in a way that is readily consumable by both you and software, and it can provide significant insight when working out bugs. Log4net is one of the most used logging libraries for the .NET platform, with a proven track record going back to 2001. This course is aimed at getting you up and running with log4net, starting with answering the common configuration questions and moving through the entire log4net stack. Included in the course are discussions of effective and advanced logging tactics, such as applying logging through common design patterns and Aspect-Oriented programming. In addition the course demonstrates how you can tap into the modular log4net architecture and extend it with your own code.

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About the author

Jim Christopher has over 17 years of professional experience developing software in the aerospace, education, and gaming industries. Since 2010 he has run Code Owls LLC, a company in Charlotte NC focused on IT tooling and automation technologies and publishers of SeeShell, a PowerShell module for data visualization. Jim is also responsible for the open-source project StudioShell, bringing the joy of PowerShell to the Visual Studio automation environment. In addition, he has published many ope... more

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