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Application Instrumentation Using Performance Counters

by Jim Christopher

Understand how and why to add custom performance counter instrumentation to your managed and native Windows applications.

What you'll learn

Many applications are black holes - information is processed but not broadcast. It can be difficult to monitor the state of these applications without having the proper instrumentation channels in place. Performance counters offer an effective instrumentation strategy that combines the tractability of numbers with the liberty of automation frameworks. In this course, you will learn what counter types are available to your application, how the counters are managed by the operating system, and how to create custom performance counters in both native and managed code.

Table of contents

About the author

Jim Christopher has over 17 years of professional experience developing software in the aerospace, education, and gaming industries. Since 2010 he has run Code Owls LLC, a company in Charlotte NC focused on IT tooling and automation technologies and publishers of SeeShell, a PowerShell module for data visualization. Jim is also responsible for the open-source project StudioShell, bringing the joy of PowerShell to the Visual Studio automation environment. In addition, he has published many ope... more

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