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AWS Infrastructure with TypeScript: Getting Started

by David Tucker

In addition to building your web applications and backend services with TypeScript, you can also use it to manage your cloud infrastructure. ​This course will teach you​ how to leverage it to embrace infrastructure as code with the AWS CDK.

What you'll learn

Leveraging the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) with TypeScript will enable you to better manage AWS infrastructure at scale. ​In this course,​ AWS Infrastructure with TypeScript: Getting Started, ​you’ll learn to​ implement the concept of Infrastructure as Code with TypeScript. ​First, you’ll explore​ how to create a new CDK project. N​ext, you’ll discover​ how you can manage deployed infrastructure. Finally, you’ll learn how to​ configure and launch the infrastructure for a real-world application using AWS Fargate and Lambda. W​hen you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of​ the AWS CDK n​eeded to​ integrate it into your custom applications on AWS.

About the author

David is a Webby Award winning cloud development consultant that focuses on cloud native web, mobile, and IoT applications. For over fifteen years as a consultant David has led custom software development on emerging platforms for companies such as FedEx, AT&T, Sony Music, Intel, Comcast, Herman Miller, Principal Financial, and Adobe (as well as many others). David regularly writes and speaks on the digital landscape with published works for O'Reilly and He has written for Mashable,... more

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