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Behavior-driven Development (BDD) with SpecFlow

by Eugene Niemand

Learn to craft clear BDD scenarios, integrate with .NET, and execute effective tests, building robust software with collaborative, behavior-driven development.

What you'll learn

It's a challenge to perform effective software testing. In this course, Behavior-driven Development (BDD) with SpecFlow, you'll be empowered to create clear and collaborative tests. First, you'll delve into BDD principles. Next, you'll integrate SpecFlow with .NET tools, forming a robust testing framework. Finally, you'll design impactful scenarios, use tables, and share data between steps. By the end of this course, you'll possess the skills needed to enhance software reliability through SpecFlow and behavior-driven development.

About the author

Eugene loves to work face to face with international customers and teams on the latest technologies. He has a passion to help empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more through technologies in the area of Data Platform solutions. He is a keen learner, thrilled to continuously extend his mind, using and developing others’ ideas and always asking himself what’s next. He has a desire to be on the edge of innovation and always willing to help explore and invent the fut... more

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