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Build Your First Data Visualization with D3

by Tiffany France

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to D3.js, covering the most critical concepts to understanding this library.

What you'll learn

D3.js is a premier front end library for building data visualization. In this course, Build Your First Data Visualization with D3, you’ll gain the ability to build basic charts and graphs using D3.js. First, you’ll explore the basics of this library, use cases, where to find examples on the web, the purpose of the modular structure, and appending content to the page with D3. Next, you’ll discover how to fetch data, bind data to DOM elements, and set up scales and axes for use within the project. Finally, you’ll learn how to append and animate bars by filtering the dataset. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of D3.js needed to build simple visualizations.

About the author

Tiffany France is a designer and front end developer focused primarily on data visualization. She resides in Virginia where she works as a freelancer on web projects for companies such as Google, Indeed, and Capital One. Tiffany also moonlights as an adjunct professor at a local college teaching Digital Art. Her three goals are: make it beautiful, make it usable, but above all, make it smart.

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