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Building a Serverless API Tier with Amazon API Gateway

by David Tucker

This course will teach you how to utilize AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway to create serverless microservices that can power your serverless application.

What you'll learn

Serverless applications require robust API’s that connect to your backend services. In this course, Building a Serverless API Tier with Amazon API Gateway, you’ll learn to implement and integrate serverless microservices. First, you’ll explore how to create AWS Lambda functions. Next, you’ll discover how to integrate Amazon API Gateway with multiple serverless microservices. Finally, you’ll learn how to configure and deploy all necessary resources using the AWS CDK. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of serverless microservices needed to implement your own serverless API.

About the author

David is a Webby Award winning cloud development consultant that focuses on cloud native web, mobile, and IoT applications. For over fifteen years as a consultant David has led custom software development on emerging platforms for companies such as FedEx, AT&T, Sony Music, Intel, Comcast, Herman Miller, Principal Financial, and Adobe (as well as many others). David regularly writes and speaks on the digital landscape with published works for O'Reilly and He has written for Mashable,... more

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