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Building Strongly-typed AngularJS Apps with ASP.NET MVC 5

by Matt Honeycutt

Just because you are using AngularJS doesn't mean you can't leverage the strengths of C# and ASP.NET MVC. This course will teach you how to leverage Angular and ASP.NET MVC together more effectively.

What you'll learn

It may sound crazy, but you can indeed create strongly-typed AngularJS applications by leveraging ASP.NET MVC. In this course, you will learn about advanced techniques for passing data from your strongly-typed C# code to your client-side JavaScript. You'll also learn to build strongly-typed HtmlHelper extensions that can transform a lambda expression into a complete, Angular-powered form group (including client-side validation!), or that can generate an entire form for you by using your model and its Data Annotations.

Table of contents

Closing Thoughts

About the author

Matt Honeycutt is a software architect specializing in ASP.NET web applications, particularly ASP.NET MVC. He has over a decade of experience in building (and testing!) web applications. He’s an avid practitioner of Test-Driven Development, creating both the SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc frameworks. He has served as the lead developer on numerous multi-million dollar software projects and enjoys finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. As life-long learner, Matt remains dedicated to expan... more

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