Matt Honeycutt

Matt Honeycutt is a software architect specializing in ASP.NET web applications, particularly ASP.NET MVC. He has over a decade of experience in building (and testing!) web applications. He’s an avid practitioner of Test-Driven Development, creating both the SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc frameworks. He has served as the lead developer on numerous multi-million dollar software projects and enjoys finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. As life-long learner, Matt remains dedicated to expanding his knowledge of all things related to development. He holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science, and he’s published papers in research journals and conferences on topics ranging from data mining and machine learning to human-computer interaction. Matt lives with his wife and two children in beautiful Tennessee, where he spends his days as a Director of IT and senior engineer for a small software company. When he's not busy cranking out code or chasing down his kids, Matt enjoys helping others hone their development skills. He blogs at, and he is a frequent speaker at software conferences in Tennessee.