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Cisco Collaboration Core: 350-801 Exam Prep

by Sean Douglas

The Cisco Collaboration Core 350-801 exam requires knowledge of collaboration technologies including protocols, gateways, endpoints, QoS, and Jabber. This course will review the topics you are likely to encounter in the exam.

What you'll learn

The Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies 350-801 exam tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing core Collaboration technologies including protocols, gateways, endpoints, QoS, and Jabber. This course, which should be viewed after completing the five Collaboration core courses, each one focused on these specific technology areas, will help to prepare you for this exam.

Passing the 350-801 exam is going to be very challenging for all candidates, regardless of experience. This course is meant to be a brief review of topics you may encounter in the exam. This course should be used along with your other study guides and resources as a tool to help you prepare as much as possible for the wide variety of technology that you will have to be familiar with to successfully pass the 350-801 exam.

In this course, Cisco Collaboration Core: 350-801 Exam Prep, you are going to review items from each of the Collaboration core courses that we have created. First, you will explore IP call signaling, deploying endpoints, with and without templates. Next, you will learn about Device Pools, IP phone registration, and call routing. You will also review media resources and voice gateways. Finally, you will discover collaboration applications, Jabber, and QoS parameters that will assist you with both real work and exam scenarios.

When you are finished with our Cisco Collaboration Core courses, you will be prepared to take the Cisco Collaboration Core 350-801 exam.

About the author

Sean Douglas has more than 17 years of experience working extensively with Cisco technology. He didn't always understand how IP networks, voice, and video solutions work. Sean remembers clearly what it was like to start from the beginning, when everything was new and somewhat confusing. Fortunately, he had some exceptional teachers that took the time to explain things in plain terms. He also has an enthusiasm for learning and finding solutions. Sean brings that same passion for learning and enth... more

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