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Cisco Collaboration Core: Provisioning Endpoints and Implementing the Dial Plan

by Sean Douglas

Today’s complex collaboration deployments require efficiency and predictability. You are going to see how to configure policy via device pools, simplify endpoint deployment, build MGCP gateways, and implement path selection via call routing.

What you'll learn

Building a predictable collaboration solution makes it easier to manage and troubleshoot complex deployments. In this course, Cisco Collaboration Core: Provisioning Endpoints and Implementing the Dial Plan, you are going to see how to configure policy, simplify endpoint deployment, and how to create a dial plan that implements redundancy and efficiency.

First, you will learn how to configure predictability and policy using device pools. Next, you will explore how to deploy large numbers of endpoints using a variety of methods including bulk, auto-registration, and self-provisioning.

You will also see how to customize directory number parameters such as line appearance and avoid potential problems that can arise when assigning partitions, how to simplify calling numbers by configuring URI alias addresses to users and their extensions, and how to deploy alternate numbers to create a more efficient dial plan.

Finally, you will discover how to configure an MGCP gateway for PSTN connectivity as well as how to troubleshoot using debug and show commands, how to simplify call routing, perform digit manipulation, and examine call traces using RTMT.

When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently deploy endpoints, provision an efficient and predictable dial plan, and be well on your way to passing the Cisco Collaboration Core exam.

About the author

Sean Douglas has more than 17 years of experience working extensively with Cisco technology. He didn't always understand how IP networks, voice, and video solutions work. Sean remembers clearly what it was like to start from the beginning, when everything was new and somewhat confusing. Fortunately, he had some exceptional teachers that took the time to explain things in plain terms. He also has an enthusiasm for learning and finding solutions. Sean brings that same passion for learning and enth... more

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