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Creating a Cisco +E.164 Dial Plan for Multisite Deployments

by Sean Douglas

Utilizing a +E164 dial plan is an essential component in a multisite Unified Collaboration deployment. This course will teach you how to configure a +E164 global dial plan using Unified Communications Manager.

What you'll learn

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to communicate using real-time IP voice and video technology is a business necessity. In this course, Creating a Cisco +E164 Dial Plan for Multisite Deployments, you will learn the step by step process of configuring the +E.164 global dial plan, in plain terms. First, you will learn what goes into creating a multisite globalized +E164 dial plan, including normalization and localization at both domestic and international sites. Next, you will see how to simplify your multisite dial plan, so that users will be able to dial any destination using a single +E164 format that allows their call to be sent to any gateway, local or international, without having to change their current dialing behavior. Finally, you will explore how to configure Tail End Hop Off (TEHO) and toll bypass within your CUCM cluster, and between clusters, as well as troubleshoot a variety of multisite dialplan issues using the step by step method of examining the route plan report and using Cisco’s Dial Number Analyzer. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to configure and manage a multisite +E164 globalized dial plan using Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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About the author

Sean Douglas has more than 17 years of experience working extensively with Cisco technology. He didn't always understand how IP networks, voice, and video solutions work. Sean remembers clearly what it was like to start from the beginning, when everything was new and somewhat confusing. Fortunately, he had some exceptional teachers that took the time to explain things in plain terms. He also has an enthusiasm for learning and finding solutions. Sean brings that same passion for learning and enth... more

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