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Combining Painted and Image-based Textures in MARI

by Eddie Russell

For many artists, the idea of painting with images is a rather strange one. Software required: MARI 2.5v2.

What you'll learn

For many artists, the idea of painting with images is a rather strange one. In their minds, paint is something that comes out of a tube and images come out of a camera. In this tutorial we will see that MARI does an amazing job at blurring the line between the two to create finished textures for 3D assets. To get started, we will first create an underpainting for our model. We'll learn that this will help us to fill in the gaps in our textures while establishing an order of how we will layer in our color. From here, we will learn how to pick appropriate images and paint them onto the surfaces of our model. Often times where many artists struggle is trying to successfully blend their photographic textures with hand painted ones. With that said, the rest of this training will be focused on just that. We will learn how layers, brush properties, adjustment stacks and even masks can help us to accomplish this. After finishing this tutorial, you will have learned some really valuable tips and tricks for putting photos right next to your hand-painted textures and making it look like they belong together. Software required: MARI 2.5v2.

About the author

Eddie began teaching creative professionals over ten years ago for Digital Tutors. In 2014 Digital Tutors was acquired by Pluralsight and he continued his focus on creating high quality training for artists in both the film and games industries. With a background in graphic design and illustration Eddie has always been focused on visual appeal. This can be seen through his courses in which he shares secrets for achieving production level quality for concept art, illustrations, textures, mater... more

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