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Conducting Stakeholder Interviews and Surveys

by Renganathan Padmanabhan

This course will teach you how as a product manager you can use interviews and surveys to better understand stakeholder needs and motivations.

What you'll learn

As a project manager, gathering insights into building a better product which fulfills stakeholder needs is essential. In this course, Conducting Stakeholder Interviews and Surveys, you will learn how to utilize interviews and surveys to better understand stakeholder needs and motivations, and input these insights into the product lifecycle. First, you will learn why companies need to invest time and effort in researching user and stakeholder needs. Next, you will see how to plan, screen, and prepare for interviewing these stakeholders and sending surveys. Finally, you will explore how to collate the interview and survey notes, and assimilate them into actionable insights for your company and product teams. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of being able to utilize interviews and surveys to make products which truly understand your user and stakeholder needs to make them successful.

About the author

Renga is a product manager and a digital experience leader with 15 years in tech. He has deep expertise in strategy, research, design, and engineering across multiple digital products for clients across the globe. He is very passionate on teaching about product and design in the simplest terms possible to anyone breaking into these disciplines.

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